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We are a young family who has recently taken up the project of a lifetime; the restoration and integration of a piece of land in Central Portugal in the aim of creating a self-sufficient home and site for community gatherings. We have gathered all our skills and intentions into this projects
Lief is a carpenter, eco-builder and gardener, who has been involved in communal family projects since tender age.
Noelia is a city-dweller and world traveler, for whom the land is a matter of coming back to our roots.
Alonside each other, they have worked in festivals and events which bring like-minded people together to share knowledge, skills and joy.
We are now joined by the Ninja-skilled Niño (also know as Lyanz) who solar powered eyes and barefeet are a reminder of simpler times. 
We are a family that proves that is possible to follow your dreams.
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