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These are the campaigns that we have active:
- Sponsor a fruit tree!
It will be plant in our land. More than 30 trees had been sponsored. You could get yours too. For more information about this campaign, check: 
Deadline: 12 of February

Sponsor an acorn!
We are hoping to plant 2000 acorn this winter. We will be reforestating a lovely piece of woodland. The especies are Oak, Holm Oak and Cork. We will be collecting the acorns from trees that are over producing, leaving enough for wildlife. 
Date: Saturday, 1st of December
How to join: If you are a local in Castelo Branco area, you could join us for a day out and shared lunch while we plant the acorns. Or donate a bucket of acorns ;) If you are not local but you like what are we doing, join our event and spread the voice. If you have a spare euro, you could sponsor one acorn for a 1 EUR, a child handful of acorns for 5 EUR, a generous hand full of acorns for 20 EUR or a bucket of acorn for 50 EUR. All profits will be used for further permaculture projects. 

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