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Welcome to the Quinta Poldras de Beira 
(Stepping Stones by the River Farm)

We didn't choose to call it like this.It was the original name. Our farm is situated in the Veigas, a very charming natural riverside hamlet that once was the home of a thriving Portuguese Community 5KM away from Pedrogao de Sao Pedro, by the river Ceife. 14400 square metres of beauty featured by a big river, a stream, a olive grove with 50 trees, 2 stone ruins to renovate and lots and lots of caracter.

Unfortuntely, the progress arrive and the later inhabitants moved to town or to bigger cities aiming for a better life. Being a farmer wasn't a luxury lifestyle back in time but a forced reality, with no chance of modern comodities like electricity. 
Slowly, places like ours got abandoned. Eucaliptus plantation took over. 

Nowadays, there is a new age generation people that had seen the damage that working in cities causes to the human body. Stress, imsonia, cancers due to poor diet and contaminated GMO food. The progress of new technologies like wind or solar panels to produce energy, access to farming machinery, better food storage and preserving systems are bringing people out of the rat race and embracing working with the land again.

We are some of those people that before reaching 30 we knew we didnt wanted to get tied up into a mortgage for the next 30 years to pay bills for a house that we barely get to enjoy, far away from our child and being too tired and grumpy that we barely pay attention to him growing. We wanted to create something unique, the place that we want to live forever and seeing it growing as we do. A blank canvas with abundance of water, where to keep animals and grow our food, where friends and visitors are always welcome. Where we all join together on the search of a better life.

We though about creating something in UK, but the absurde of the prices and what our money could get us, we disregard it quickly. Even though, we have to live there for 5 years while we saved enough. We discovered and joined the tiny homes movement by building our own wooden house on wheels.


We also considered Spain, but the corruption, the lack of support of the goverment for Green techonologies (solar panel tax??) and wht our money could get us there we could just afford to live in the middle of nowhere, in a dead town wth 2 inhabitants wasn't a very pleasured thought.

Then appeared Portugal, the promised land for many people nowadays. Emerging as the best touristic destination of 2018, with an unspoiled countryside who has been dramatically abandoned for younger generation looking to relocate to bigger cities in the search of jobs, we had been left with amazing amounts of countryside and properties whose new owners cannot stop thanking for their luck.

Much can be said about why we did choose to relocate to Portugal but the perspective of having a future for us was paramont. If you have similar toughts like us and you want to explore your possibilities, why don't you learn about how to join us?

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