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Are you looking for a easy going place to learn about permaculture and sustainable living? Are you looking for a place to relax and enjoy pure air?
If so, this is your place!

We would like to welcome people from all ages and background to join us!

You could:
  1. Join us as a volunteer: Because we always need a helping hand around and there is many interesting projects around. We will provide food and accommodation and some days where you explore the area. We are already in workaway where you can read more about any current projects.
  2. Join us a short term visitor: If you would like to come for a day or two to check out what we are doing, get in touch with us. We are happy to show you around and have a chat with you. Please bear in mind that we are quite busy so we are hoping you are quite self-sufficient (ex. bringing your own RV or tent and fooddrinks to share). If you are hoping to stay for more than 2 nights and you do not have your own place to sleep, check point 4.
  3. Join us while you are looking for land: Hey, we had been there! There is such a lack of short (or long term rentals ) in the area, places to wash the clothes, charge the batteries, have a shower. That's why we know how important is to have a place to call home while you are looking for your own home. Contact us and telling us what level of comfort you are looking and we will be happy to arrange something with you (energy exchange or donative contribution) and give you as much support as we can while you find your dream home in Central Portugal.
  4. Stay as a guest: Because sometimes you might just want to relax and enjoy a well deserved holidays. We can cater for you while you relax in the hamack by the river. A donation for any current project that we are currently running will be quite appreciated.
  5. Become a member of our community: After being a volunteer, a visitor or a guest, if you feel as drawn for this place as we are, we could negociate your stay as long term. A small allotment could be given for you so you could grown your own food or medicinal plants for bartering with the outside world if you compromise to stay at least 3 months. This could be a possibility if we like each other.  

We would like to have you as a part of our team! 

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